5 – 7 APRIL 2017
To be advised

Thursday 6 April


Working Group

Taryn Hodgskin (chair)
United Kingdom – Brighton University
Henk Bronts
the Netherlands – Fontys University of Applied Sciences
Sid Tekfa
France – Institut National de Podologie
Alicia Gavillero
Spain – Universidad Católica de Valencia
Mieke Fransen
Belgium – Artevelde Hogeschool Ghent
Dominique Nuytens
France – Institut National de Podologie
Cyntia Formosa
Malta – University of Malta
Caroline Tchag
Belgium – Haute Ecole Léonard de Vince ‘Parnasse-Deux Alice’
Arja Kiviaho-Tiippana
Finland – Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences
Elina Hurtta
Finland – Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Belgium – Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles

European Competences Podiatry

To create a good base for collaboration between partner educational institutions it is important to know their qualifications, competences, skills and knowlegde. The possible differences in the scope of practice, eg. worksetting and patient categories and  the level of indepency and complexity regarding podiatric care.

This working group is created with the aim to increase transparency of the qualifications, competences, knowledge and skills within the European podiatry field.

With their first mission to evaluate, specify and recommend on the European Qualifications Framework levels in podiatry education and take into account earlier acquired competences and interface between levels.

For the long term the outcome of this working group can act as a translation device to make national podiatry qualifications more readable across Europe, promote workers’ and learners’ mobility between countries and facilitate lifelong learning.


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